Sometimes you may find yourself in need of support, whether you’re playing in a tournament or simply have questions about the Rival X platform. To contact a support representative or moderator, you should first log into your Rival X account. If you can not log into your Rival X account, please email Upon logging into your account, please use one of the following methods to contact support:

  1. Click the hamburger menu on the main menu bar (the 3 horizontal lines) and click “Help”. Type your inquiry and send. Responses from Rival can be found via the “Messages” tab through the main menu bar

  2. From any tournament page, scroll down and click the “Need Help?” button. Type your inquiry and send. Just like above, responses can be found in the “Messages” tab.

  3. Once a tournament starts and you’re on your match page with your opponent, click “request moderator”. Responses will appear in the “Messages” tab.