A Leaderboard tournament is a format in which all players have a specified amount of time, AKA a “submission/play window”, to submit their best scores/stats to the tournament leaderboard in hopes of coming out on top at the end! This submission/play window can be anywhere from 1 hour to 3, 7, or even 30 days long! If you’re registered for a leaderboard tournament, please follow these steps to participate and submit your score(s).

  1. Log into your Rival X account here. Click the “Home” button (the house icon) from the main menu bar. There, you will see the tournament tile(s) for the event(s) you’re registered for in the “My Tournaments” section. Click the tile for the tournament to be taken to the tournament page.

  2. Take note of the submission window duration in the schedule box on the tournament “Overview” page to ensure you don’t miss it, as well as the game settings and scoring outlines listed on the “Rules” tab. You should do this prior to starting gameplay.

  3. Begin gameplay on your preferred platform (Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Switch, etc.) using the proper game settings as listed on the “rules” tab of the tournament page. For example, this could be Fortnite “Zero Build – Solos" or Fall Guys “Classic Knockout – Duos”.

  4. Click the “Submit Results” button on the tournament page > Enter a score based off of the scoring outline > Upload screenshots of your best score(s) > Type your stream link in the submission window box.

  5. You do not have to play for the full submission/play window. You can play as much or as little as you’d like and submit your score as many times as you’d like.

  6. Each time you submit a score, a moderator will either accept or decline your score with a reason attached. You can find whether your score was accepted or declined through the “Notifications” tab (the bell icon), OR through the tournament page by clicking “Manage Submission”. Whether your score is accepted or declined, you can always resubmit within the submission/play window. Score submissions will not typically be accepted after the submission/play window closes.

Streaming Requirements:

Leaderboard tournaments typically require all players to stream for tournament moderators to review scores and uphold tournament integrity. Streaming specifications will be listed in the “Rules” tab and in the Announcements section on the “Overview” tab.