How to Play in a Tournament

  1. Once you've signed up for a tournament, you also have to check into your tournament by clicking the check in button on this page (check in opens 1 hour before the tournament starts). IF YOU DO NOT CHECK IN DURING THE CHECK IN PERIOD, YOU WILL NOT BE PLACED IN THE BRACKET.

  2. When the tournament starts, you must go to your personal match page with your opponent within 15 minutes of the match start time. You can do this 3 ways:
    i. click “go to match” at the top of the tournament page,
    ii. click the colored banner at the bottom of your Rival X screen, or
    iii. click the bell notification icon in the Rival X menu bar and select your matchup.

  3. Once you’re on your match page, you’ll see your opponents gamertag and EA ID. You can then send them an invite from your console/PC/etc. and start playing your games/series. You can also message your opponent via DM using the “message opponent” button on your match page.

NOTE: For console play, you must have a valid and active online account in order to connect to your opponent.

  1. When you’re done with your game/series, please enter your final game/series score on your match page. If your score doesn’t match your opponent’s score, you may either:
    i. accept your opponents score, or
    ii. click “dispute score”. If your score has been disputed, you may click “message moderator” and a moderator will join you in a DM chat to help settle the dispute.

  2. Once your first match is over, if you won you will automatically move on. Simply repeat the process of going to your match page with your next opponent until the tournament completes or you get knocked out.

For more information, visit here.