After creating an account on Rival X, you will be prompted to customize your profile and add gamertags/stream links to your account. Some of these fields are optional, but the more information you have on your profile, the easier it is to register for tournaments and gain more exposure for your streams, website, etc. See below for a list of all profile customizations:

  • Profile Icon: Choose a background color and an emoji that best fits you! Rival X Creators can further customize their profile with custom profile pictures and profile banners.

  • Display Name: This appears front and center on your profile page for everyone to view. Please choose a safe-for-work username.

  • @ username. This cannot be changed after it’s been confirmed, so make sure you’re happy with it before completing your profile.

  • Profile Bio: Tell us a little about yourself! This is optional.

  • Linked Accounts: You can add your Gamertag, PS ID, EA ID, Nintendo ID, Steam ID, Activision ID, Epic ID, Riot ID, or account to your profile. Additionally, you can link socials such as Twitch, Discord, Twitter (X), Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Merch Shops, or your website to your account. Anyone who visits your profile page can able to click on and view this information, or visit links that you’ve included.

After you’ve completed your profile, you're good to go and can start playing in tournaments! If you want to change your profile at any time or update your account information, follow these steps:

  • While logged in, click the profile icon in the main menu bar (the circle icon with an emoji on it)

  • Click “Edit Profile”. From here, you can edit your Profile Icon, Display Name, Social Links, and Gaming Account Connections.

  • Rival X Creators can add a custom profile picture and a custom profile banner on this page.