A standard bracketed event on Rival X consists of Single Elimination and/or Double Elimination formats. See below for an explanation of each format.

Single Elimination Tournaments:

  • All players/teams who register and check into a Single Elimination tournament will be placed into a standardized bracket.

  • Matchups are populated at random unless seeding is specified.

  • When the tournament starts, each player/team will play 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, etc. against the opponent assigned to them.

  • If you lose any match/series in a Single Elimination tournament, you’ll be knocked out of the tournament.

Double Elimination Tournaments:

Double Elimination tournaments are like Single Elimination tournaments, however you are not immediately knocked out of the tournament if you lose once.

  • If you win all your matches, you’ll remain in the “winner’s” bracket with others who are also undefeated. You will then have to play against the winner from the loser’s bracket in the finals to determine 1st place.

  • If you lose a match, you’ll be moved to the loser’s bracket alongside any other players/teams who have lost a match.

  • If you lose a match in the loser’s bracket, you are knocked out of the tournament for good.

  • If you're in the loser's bracket, you can still win the tournament by remaining undefeated and winning twice against the top player/team in the winner’s bracket.